Imagine a place where the most challenging work is reserved for those who are the least-seasoned and least-prepared.
Welcome to the typical hospitality enterprise!

A common problem for young or newly-promoted managers is how to successfully make the transition from being "one of the guys" to effectively supervising former peers. All too often, the change in position becomes so difficult and traumatic that the new supervisor simply leaves the company.

Becoming a first-time manager is one of the most challenging transitions to make, with the new manager’s future and their team’s productivity hanging in the balance. This real-life program simplifies the transition process and offers proven approaches that can help anyone become more effective at leading others.

Among other topics, this revealing session will help attendees understand:

  • The essential differences between management and staff mindsets
  • How to gain cooperation, respect and support without becoming a doormat
  • Ten "Do's and Don'ts" all successful managers must understand
  • How to measure success and effectiveness in a management mode
  • How to keep balanced when they feel overwhelmed or in over their heads
  • How to become the most effective and well-regarded manager in the place!

This is certainly not all a new manager needs to know, of course, but it’s a great start!

Who Should Attend?

Supervisors, new managers and those being considered for a transition into management. Even veterans will come away with valuable skills and insights.